FUNNY – Donald Trump Sarah Palin (ANIMAL Abuser) endorse VP Ted Cruz Rubio GOP Values Fox CNN PTSD

READ = Conservatives spam up the liberal invention the I-net and social media the most because they are sooo bored in the country hicks. They suffer from = ***** HOMOPHOBIA, XENOPHOBIA, SEXISM, RACISM ***** many confederates left from civil war. Regan has nothing on FDR (40 hr work-week, OT, sick time, UE – you ALL benefit from) and equal pay for women since by democrats. don’t subsidize it with BILLIONS in corporate welfare for Animal Ag making labor-resource intensive animal products cheaper than basic healthy whole foods. Less REGS so we can have more Flint Michigan water crisises. SMALLER gov’t but will invade womens body over conception, religion, day-after-pill and fetuses but shoot animals for sport-trophy and pose with the dead bodies all proud? Nice values. Hypocrites? Both sides are the but they are greedy and only care about selfish ideologies not reducing suffering. Then you have Christie the fat bully lol, great cruel GOP! Im not sold on climate change yet in part because I haven’t researched it, but have some trust in science (not religion lol) regardless no need to destroy our environment for all species. Human Over-population ( scary stats) no FLMA after 1 child and no tax refunds and why public schools but not public healthcare? Single people can pay for others but go without themselves?

Source: Youtube