Fusion Twist Power Yoga Somatic Trauma Healing Shaking Rebirthing Breath

Expect a lot of twists. AK FUNKY TWISTS. A great class for resetting digestion. For bloating, stomach ache and other digestive upsets.
Expect shamanic shaking. I am choosing it to call it that. It is shaking of the body with no structural fashion. Loosening up the tissue. Softening up the connective tissue so that we can repattern the way we hold our body, the way the nervous system has created a habitual pattern of holding itself.
A great yoga class for anxiety, depression, healing trauma, recurring panic attacks. Movement is very healing on soul level.
Expect power and vinyasa yoga flow.
Somatic movement and rebirthing breath for releasing tension and also for realigning the spine. For increasing flexibility of the spine and restoring the functional health of the spine and thus all the organs and tissues that the spine affects. The breath is the next layer of health restoration by influencing the central and peripheral nervous system.
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These types of classes have been amazing for me. They feel extremely healing and my whole body relaxes after I am done with my practice. They allow for explosive release of energy and they are great for the treatment of PTSD, anxiety, depression and panic attacks. There is great research done on the subject. This article is great: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2015.00093/full#h1
Somatic experiencing is one of the forward-thinking therapies that focus on the body rather than the intellectual mind. Healing happens in the body. Trauma is stored in the tissues and it is often unconscious so talking about it won’t do much for healing it.
Shake it off baby!

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