Gentle Warrior Episode 1 Losing My Purpose ~When I hit rock bottom

Welcome to my channel, this is where I will share why, how and what the Gentle Warrior Journey is all about. This is the hardest story I have had to share with anyone before, this opens me up, something I am not used. I hope to inspire other Veterans and the anyone who listens to find their purpose, hold onto that purpose, and go put it work changing and helping others around the world.

In episode #1, I am putting it all out there. I hit rock bottom after returning from war, and like many combat veterans in the US Military we turn to alcohol to help numb the pain. This pain is not always physical, it is emotional as well. I chose to try and escape what was going on by use alcohol to cope. This almost cost me my life. At the time, you were weak if you had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and was far from weak. I did not know how to deal with this, just as many others serving in the US Military.

I hope to help reduce the number of 22 to 0. An average of 22 US military and Veterans commit suicide every day because they lost their purpose in life. They can no longer fight all of the feelings, the pain, the hurt, the guilt. I have lost too many friends to this battle and want to now go at it head on! Please join me in this fight.

Please help me take this journey as I open up about myself and what has made me the Gentle Warrior. I will also talk to others as they share their battle scars and the journey they are on.

Remember to go do good for the world, be kind, is is very contagious. #kindnessiscontagious

Thank you for being part of this journey and see you again in our next episode.

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