GIV PTSD Study: Using glucose and an acupuncture size needle to treat veterans with PTSD

PTSD nerves are trained to fire too fast. Nerves use much more energy than other cells, especially if they chronically fire too fast. We hypothesize that veterans with PTSD have low nerve glucose (called glycopenia), even if they have plenty of glucose elsewhere in their bodies. The nerve cell has special pumps that help the nerve recover after firing, and those pumps are powered by ATP, which is made from glucose. Low nerve glucose is double trouble for those with PTSD because their nerves, without enough glucose, can fire even faster, causing PTSD symptoms that are very stubborn and severe. Injection of glucose using a tiny needle (acupuncture size), injected very shallow,(1/2 to 3/4 inch depth), just under a neck muscle on each side, appears to quickly change PTSD symptoms. This should improve symptoms enough to allow veterans to both function much better and complement other treatment methods the veteran is already using.

Source: Youtube