Gof Smith 3 – His wife needed post traumatic stress counselling to cope with the way he died.

Jane Smith always assumed her husband Goff would conquer Covid19
she needed post traumatic stress counselling to cope with the manner of his death.

On this episode of the Stolen Goodbyes podcast, Karen sits down with Jane Smith who lost her husband Goff to Covid-19 in April 2020.

Jane talks about the reputation Goff had in their town of Farringdon, Oxfordshire, as a first responder and painfully revisits the days and hours prior to his passing.

A larger than life character, Goff loved nothing better than helping people out. Jane is comforted by the fact Goff didn’t suffer, but she feels guilty about the fact she couldn’t be with him in his final days.

Jane has had post-traumatic stress counselling to deal with the manner of her husband’s death. She feels that if the Government had locked down a fortnight earlier, Goff would still be here.

Listen to Gof’s story here:


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