Golden Child – Effects of Narcissistic Parenting

The effects of narcissistic parenting are wide ranging. The Golden Child is no exception.
In fact, it’s the Golden Child that’s most likely to develop lifelong difficulties such as:

1. Not understanding boundaries in relationships
2. Constant searching for approval in order to feel confident
3. Thinking that approval means complying with demands
4. Being hypersensitive
5. Post-traumatic stress disorder
6. High risk of becoming a narcissist like their parents
7. Emotionally detached, unable to form lasting connections
8. Poor decision-making skills
9. Not knowing what is good or bad; positive or negative
10. Difficulty in coping with challenges
11. Fear of failure

My Narcissistic Parents paid $16,000 for my Sister’s fashion internship in NYC.
My Mother even put an article in several Newspapers as if my Sister had won a modeling internship and was moving to NYC.

Being treated like she was special her entire life, my Sister was not prepared for real world challenges.My Mother had paid $16,000 though, so quitting wasn’t a possibility. My parents had to fly there twice in a month to stay with my Sister, and keep her from quitting.

Golden Child quits:

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