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Gordon v. T.G.R. Logistics, Inc.’ | 4321 F.R.D. 401 (2017)

Discovery is a pretrial procedure in which parties exchange information relevant to a litigation. It’s founded on the belief that the judicial process is most effective when all parties to a suit have knowledge of the relevant facts. In Gordon versus T. G. R. Logistics, Incorporated, we explore what information is discoverable under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

While driving on a Wyoming highway, Brenda Gordon was struck by a tractor-trailer owned by T. G. R. Logistics and driven by Igor Varga. Gordon subsequently filed a personal-injury suit against Logistics and Varga, seeking damages for various physical injuries as well as posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression.

During discovery, at Logistics’ request, Gordon provided account history from her two Facebook accounts for posts referencing the accident and her injuries. But Logistics then filed a request for production asking Gordon to provide an electronic copy of each account’s entire history since its creation. Logistics later tailored the request to cover the three years before the accident to present. But Gordon refused to comply with the production request, arguing that it exceeded the scope of permissible discovery.

Logistics then filed a motion to compel discovery in the district court, contending that the requested information was relevant to assess the veracity and severity of Gordon’s injuries.

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