Grandmother Michele Weekly Collective Energy Check

NEW .. On our YouTube Channel Wonderful New Series Playlist available to watch at your leaser or on the Go !! A Weekly Collective Energy Check
Enjoy the A Weekly Forecasting Series from Michele Prevost-Lance Michele Specializes in assisting people, especially women and children dealing with crisis, abuse, P.T.S.D. post traumatic stress disorder) and those who suffer in addiction…
She uses Reiki, Spirit paintings, crystals, natural plants and life coaching to help them find their voice and courage so that they may continue on a healthy healing path..
She Offers ‘A Safe Place to Land’ with variations of natural healing ..
Michele will Help you find your truth and journey . She will often say ” this time and place now” Let me will help you to
” Fly to your Dreams ”
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Created by A.E.I.N. Angelic Empowerment International
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