Grim Sleeper – Secrets of the Universe

This is a song I wrote and decided to try rapping over on my cellphone.

Original content.
Produced by Grim Sleeper.

Grim Sleeper-Secrets of the Universe

Have been producing an album for Vagabond From Beyond on and I will be doing features on it. We have about 11 songs right now. We will post updates to see what you guys think!

So many pawns for the globalists,
so many call themselves socialists.
But they don’t even know the atrocities that those governments did, way back when.

I’m a Cutthroat western chauvinist.
Probably not the most noblest.
Get the fuck off my continent!
I’m more heartless than a third trimester abortionist.

Country sold by diplomatists.
Civilians take it on the chin.
Like lambs to the slaughter,
Time and time again.
A marauder with the evil grin.

One world government, new world order,
Reptilian human soul absorber.
Most fanatic trump supporter.
Automatic rifles guard the border.
Too much carnage for a muzzle loader.
Causing post -traumatic stress disorder.
Turn your mother into a mourner.
Build that wall with Brick and Mortar.
Don’t trust the united nations.
Declarations, regulations.
Dark and shady motivations,
Untrustworthy reputations.

Source: Youtube