Grounding & Centering Mindfulness Practice: Transform Post-Traumatic Stress into Growth & Resilience

Welcome to the Post-Traumatic Growth and Resilience Project!

This comprehensive program contains 21 Mindfulness Sur-Thrival exercises to help you transform post-traumatic stress and anxiety into growth and resilience.

We can’t truly be free from the anxiety and stress of life until we can learn how to step away from our thoughts and focus on the beauty and stillness of the moment – that’s what mindfulness can do for us.

Exercise #3 – Grounding and Centering Practice.

Objective: Grounding and Centering Your Energy.

Grounding is a wonderful way to calm down quickly and connect with the energy of the earth. There is something very powerful about connecting with the Earth in this manner.

Start by closing your eyes and standing or sitting with your back straight. Imagine you are deep in a forest standing in front of a majestic tree.

Take a deep breath in and connect with the energy of the tree. Feel yourself merging with the tree and with Mother Earth. Imagine there are roots coming out of the bottom of your feet pushing deep down into the soil. Picture your body as the trunk and your arms as the branches. Raise your head up high and drink in the sun.

Snuggle into the earth. Breathe in the positive energy all around you, Exhale the negative energy.

Affirmation: If I feel anxious, I take a moment to GROUND myself and CENTER my energy.

These exercises can be used within a solitary mindfulness practice or featured in groups and classes. This guide is perfect for: PTSD Groups. Therapists or Counselors. Meditation and Mindfulness Groups. Coaches, Educators, and School-Based Groups. Ministers and Spiritual Counselors. Sobriety and Addiction Groups. Yoga, Reiki, or Tai-Chi Classes. The exercises in this product are designed for anyone going through post-traumatic stress and anxiety. These empowering exercises will help you rise above the anxiety, fear, and pain and start fresh.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has become a worldwide epidemic. While there may not be a “cure” there are ways to better manage it, and mindfulness is one of those ways. Mindfulness grounds you to the earth and to the present moment allowing you to temporarily step away from the pain and the trauma. The more you connect with this inner world of healing, through a practice like mindfulness the more peace and harmony you will experience.

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