I use to roll my eyes when it came to breathing techniques because they felt boring to me & kinda ‘lame’. They never seemed quick & easy or like something I could do on the go.

When we feel panic, stress, anxiety, & worry we can have a harder time fully taking a breath. It’s SCARY & can get in the way of our ability to function well. So often, when we feel off-kilter the most, we forget to use our breath to help us balance out. BUT, IT WORKS!

In my quest to CONQUER my P.T.S.D. & all that comes with it, I found this HACK that helps me to use by breathe to instantly snap me back to me & my space. It’s GROUNDING & BOOSTS my CONFIDENCE each time.

It’s helped me to realize that it’s not JUST the deep breath we take when we’re feeling off, but HOW we take it that can help us the most.

I’ve been EXTRA stressed this week & have been using it a lot to keep me as chill as I’ve been. Can’t wait to share it with you today!

👑 A lil’ bit about me: Hey there! I’m an actress & speaker living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & the stuff that comes with it. I am NOT a healthcare professional or a mental healthcare professional. I’m an EXPERT in my own situation & what works for me. My hope is that by sharing all of the tips & tricks I use that they will help you NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE just like they’ve helped me & so many others :***


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*You’re NEVER alone- Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

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