Grounding-Skills: Smell | Mindfulness of Senses in Coping with C-PTSD, Dissociation & DID, Psychosis

Grounding-skills using sense of smell, & mindfulness of senses for integration & healing. A clip from the full video: Examples of Grounding-Skills.

“Grounding” is using awareness of different senses to get in-touch with your body and the present moment. This video shares examples of grounding-skills that I use and have found beneficial for connecting to self and outside world.

Grounding-skills can be used to cope with psychological issues that involve fragmentation of the psyche. This includes PTSD & C-PTSD, and disorders resulting fron trauma in general; Dissociative Disorders like Depersonalization/Derealization & Dissociative Identity; Psychosis, Hallucinations & Delusions, and Schizophrenia-Spectrum Disorders; various Personality Disorders such as Borderline, and disorders of emotion-regulation.

Grounding can also be helpful for those with Autism spectrum, similar to stimming/ self-stimulatory behavior, as a means of coping.

Feel free to share grounding-skills that you find helpful down in the comments.


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