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Mathew King’s Grow Confidence through Meditation will help you become more self-confident, self-assured and boost your self-esteem. This mindfulness meditation session will also reduce pain, lower stress, stimulate your brain and immune system and make you feel better.

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Meditation is an effective way to build and grow confidence. Meditation can help stop that negative self-talk that can erode your self-confidence and will also give you a greater feeling of control over your life.

Meditation helps you build a stronger connection with yourself on deep, core level. This allows you to live more authentically and confidently. When you can get out of your head and get into that flow state where you can just “be” you’ll see a more confident version of yourself, compared to one that overthinks and gets caught up with their thoughts.

Enjoy this guided meditation whenever you need a boost in confidence.

This hypnosis for confidence contains both confidence affirmations and meditation for confidence that will cause you to be able to rely on yourself more. This self-confidence meditation will give you more appreciation and trust in your abilities, skills and qualities that you have inside you.

If you lack confidence you may stay too far inside your comfort zone, and experience low motivation and self-esteem. Listen to this confidence motivation meditation to feel worthy of good things, seek out experiences and situations you find challenging rather than hide from them, and have better self-talk and healthier expectations for yourself.

Mathew King creates guided meditations and self-hypnosis to assist with a wide range of intentions and challenges. All of these are written and recorded by Mathew King personally and contain a wide range of breathing exercises, deep relaxation exercises, relaxation techniques and other techniques such as guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, breathing exercises for anxiety and progressive relaxation.

Mathew King’s work is unique as it draws from a wide variety of fields including hypnosis and hypnotherapy, meditation including transcendental meditation, mindfulness meditation, and experiencing deep meditative states, spiritual healing, biofeedback, yoga, Alexander technique, creative visualization, earthing, energy medicine, journaling, natural health, trigger point therapy and many others. Mathew King has been deeply studying these forms of healing and growth for over 20 years.

Mathew King’s guided meditation sessions are highly effective at helping conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, phobias, seasonal affective disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder along with help dealing with a current crisis, and those experiencing emotions such as fear, grief, powerlessness, hopelessness, insecurity, anger or guilt. Mathew King will instead help you create emotions such as joy, love, passion, hopefulness, happiness, optimism and excitement.

It is recommended to listen to Mathew King’s audios once or twice a day for 30 days to achieve a very deep experience that flows into all parts of your life. This can be the secret to overcoming any trauma of the past and going to reach all the goals you have for yourself and your life. A daily practice of meditation will result in better focus and less mind wandering, greater happiness, lower stress, better sleep, improved relationships and more pain tolerance.

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