Gulf War Syndrome | What Caused this Mysterious Illness in 35% of Veterans?

On June 8th 1991 in Washington DC, 8,000 US troops marched in triumph through the streets of their nation’s capital having returned from the Persian Gulf where they had just ousted Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi Army from Kuwait in one of the most spectacular military operations in history. Of those 8,000 men marching that day, statistically around 2,600 of them will have fallen extremely ill as a result of their time in the Persian Gulf, their lives marred by disease and pain. In this episode, we will be examining these mysterious cases of illness suffered by veterans, investigate the possible causes of the terrible affliction and chart the battle for authorities to accept that even those without wounds did not leave the warzone entirely unscathed. This is the mystery of Gulf War Syndrome. Welcome to Wars of the World.

0:00 Introduction
2:05 Diagnosing the Undefinable
6:54 The Depleted Uranium Shell Controversy
11:27 Iraq’s Biological and Chemical Weapon Caches
16:53 The Vaccination Question
21:33 Acknowledgement at Last

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Narrated by: Will Earl
Written & Researched by: Tony Wilkins
Edited by: James Wade

History Should Never Be Forgotten…

Source: Youtube