Gun Control Journalist Gersh Kuntzman Claims PTSD from Shooting AR-15 – 2nd Amendment Under Attack

Newsweek Journalist Gersh Kuntzman went to s hooting range and claimed to have fired an AR-15 that left him with PTSD. PTSD is very real to many Americans and and this was a slap in the face to many Veterans around the Country. PTSD is REAL!!!!
Mr. Kuntzman also claimed the shells ejecting made him disoriented and the smell of surfer and “destruction” made him sick.
What Mr. Kuntzman is really doing is just pushing the media’s Gun Control Agenda every chance he gets by reporting lies and it’s disgusting.

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In a time when gun control is such a hotly debated topic, why are so many of those who are in favor of destroying the 2nd Amendment so completely uninformed when it comes to guns & weapons? This is my all-time favorite “DUMB” things that have been said by social justice warriors and politicians over the years. It is quite clear to me that these people have no idea what they are talking about and want the citizens of the United States to go along with their law proposals and policy suggestions.
There is no doubt that there are good things that can be changed in this Country when it comes to dealing with the “gun problem” in the United States but how can someone support these people when they are so uneducated about the subject they are trying to change?

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