Hank Schrader Starts a Bar Fight – Breaking Bad: S3 E3 Clip

As Walt calls Skyler’s bluff and moves back home without her consent, Jesse ponders re-entering the drug trade as a Mexican cartel anxiously awaits its opportunity to get revenge for the death of one of its own.

Season Three – Episode Three: “I.F.T.”

Episode Description:
Walt ignores Skyler’s demands, increasing the tension between them and pushing her to break bad. Saul entreats Jesse to persuade Walt to keep cooking. Still suffering from panic and anxiety attacks, Hank crosses a line at work.

Episode Overview:
Upon returning home from her errands to discover that Walt has moved back in, Skyler insists that he leave, promising to reveal everything she knows about his drug dealing. When Walt refuses to budge, she makes good on her threat and calls the police just before Walt, Jr. arrives. Because he’s ecstatic to have his dad back, Walt, Jr. lashes out at his mom when the cops show up. So, while Skyler makes a case for Walt’s removal, when the officers say there is nothing they can do, she stops short of telling them about the drug lab and resigns herself to having him in the house for now. Meanwhile, having moved into his parents’ former home, Jesse is asked by Saul Goodman to encourage Walt to get back into business with their former partner, Gus.

As Hank gets word that he is be about to be transferred back to the high-profile, pressure cooker DEA office in El Paso, cartel hit men the Cousins think nothing of killing an elderly woman for her wheelchair-accessible van in order to transport ex-drug lord Don Salamanca, aka Uncle Tio, from his retirement home to a meeting with Gus and their boss from Mexico, Juan Bolsa. And though Tio and his nephews object to having been ordered to stand down as they sought revenge for Tuco’s death, Gus persuades Bolsa to give him a little more time to complete the deal he is trying to set up with Walt. Meanwhile, as a violent encounter with a pair of meth addicts underscores Hank’s struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, Jesse looks to restart the meth business on his own.

Although Walt has moved back home, his marriage hasn’t improved. When Skyler reveals what she knows of her husband’s crimes, divorce lawyer Pamela Orbic advises her to tell the police everything and let them take care of the rest. However, afraid of how the kids will react, Skyler refuses to turn in Walt for now. Finally, hoping that honesty will help repair their marriage, when Skyler finds his duffel bag stuffed with cash, Walt tells her that his drug deals were only meant to provide for her and the kids after his death. And as Skyler rethinks her plan to have Walt thrown out, she engages in some honesty of her own when she reveals that she has slept with her boss, Ted Beneke.

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