Hannibal Lecter: A Complete Psychological Profile

Hannibal Lecter is one of the best villains in film history. He is known as a cannibalistic serial killer that is also a highly intelligent psychiatrist. While many have diagnosed him, this video also examines underlying personality traits and interventions. Due to various and occasionally conflicting depictions of Hannibal Lecter throughout books, films, and television series, Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal was the focus; from his three films: Red Dragon, Silence of The Lambs, and Hannibal.

0:00 – Introduction
1:25 – Symptoms and Impairment in Functioning
4:46 – Diagnosis
11:05 – Personality Traits
11:45 – Suspiciousness
12:37 – Risk Taking
13:12 – Restricted Affectivity
14:29 – Manipulativeness
19:49 – Impulsivity
20:29 – Hostility
22:02 – Grandiosity
23:55 – Deceitfulness
24:53 – Callousness
27:16 – Summary of Personality Traits
28:00 – Intervention


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Source: Youtube