Harry and Meghan attend Endeavour Fund awards

(8 Feb 2019)
London – 7 February 2019
1. Wide of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex getting on stage to present an Endeavour Fund Award ++SHOT CONTINUES INTO NEXT++
2. SOUNDBITE: (English) Meghan, Duchess of Sussex:
“Thank you so much. Can I first just say I’m so, so grateful to be back. Last year was my first time coming and it was such a meaningful night so I really appreciate being invited to be included again tonight. Before the reception, Harry and I were talking to all of the nominees and in speaking to one of them he said, you know after I’d mentioned him ‘gosh the impact you guys make is huge. It’s so much bigger than you’ and he said you know it’s not about us it’s the ripple effect. And true to form with the modesty that you find in all of the nominees, yes it is about the ripple effect, but what I reminded him, and I feel is true for all the nominees is, you don’t have that ripple effect unless each of you is brave enough to make that first wave. And it is so important to remember that because what you’re doing is inspiring so many people. So, thank you from all of us for being that inspiration. And congratulations to all the nominees. The winner for celebrating excellence is Nathan Forster.”
3. Pan to award winner getting on stage to receive accolade from the Duchess of Sussex ++FOLLOWS ON FROM PREVIOUS SHOT++
4. Duchess of Sussex seen from the back, seated
5. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex getting up and walking to stage
6. Harry presenting award
7. Harry and award winner shaking hands, Harry giving winner his awards
8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex:
“So, I’m afraid it’s no longer just about you. It’s also about those around you, your friends and family, those in your local community and the community at large. These endeavours are hopefully not only reminding you that you are valued members of society, but also the very best kind of role models that we could ask for. So, from now on when you’re getting involved with an endeavour we’re going to ask you to think about how you will use your experience to impact those around you, be it in your own home or the world at large.”
9. Various of Harry and Meghan talking to event goers at end of ceremony
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Thursday handed out awards at a London event celebrating the accomplishments of wounded veterans who have gone on to participate in sporting and adventure challenges despite their injuries.
The heavily pregnant duchess presented an Endeavour Fund Award to Nathan Forster, a former soldier of the Army’s Parachute Regimen.
In a short speech beforehand, Meghan highlighted the impact of the achivements of nominees, saying they had been brave enough “to make that first wave” with ripple effects across many areas.
For his part, Prince Harry underlined that the endeavours of nominees transcended them to influence others around them, saying “these endeavours are hopefully not only reminding you that you are valued members of society, but also the very best kind of role models that we could ask for.”
Harry presented an award to Shaun Pascoe, a former RAF officer who created a sailing charity after being diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
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