Heal Complex PTSD: From Covert Narcissistic Abuse Audiobook by J.B. Snow

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Congratulations. You have successfully extracted yourself from a relationship with a narcissist.
Were glad youre here.
You have just entered into the trenches of the survivors of narcissistic abuse.
It is no doubt that you have been made victim to a blast of brainwashing, gaslighting, circular conversations, and more.
We have suffered alongside you.
We were here all this time, watching the game play out.
You were a victim in the cat and mouse game. You were a victim of the swarm of hive members that surround the narcissist.
You were a victim of the entities that successfully turned the narcissist into what he is today.
And, no doubt, you would have become one of him once the smoke cleared.
But, alas, you have pulled yourself from the ashes.
You are a phoenix, and you have risen again.
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