~Heal posttraumatic stress disorder (ptsd) and trauma on a cellular level + binaural beats

Hello there⚡, I made this subliminal to help those with posttraumatic stress disorder. It will heal your brain and makes its functions balanced again, since through traumatic experiences our Sympathetic nervous system can’t react normal when it’s responding to stress situations. Therefore, I added medical affirmations which specifically regulate your hormones and makes all the body parts, involved in trauma, work normal again. The stress response system is an optimal system of our bodies to keep us safe and protected, but when we have experienced situations of fear, hurt etc., it starts to over react to certain situations in our daily life which are actually not as dangerous or frightening as the ones we experienced. Also what’s special about this sub is that it’s infused with theta waves that make your mind calm and let the affirmations sink in better.


– remove all subconscious blockages
– remove all subconscious limitations
– always be calm
– always be relaxed because of normal hormone exchange
– release trauma on a cellular level of your brain and body
– healthy amygdala
– release negative emotions stored in the amygdala
– amygdala produces a normal amount of hormones
– healthy hypocampus
– release negative emotions as triggers for hurting experiences from hypocampus
– hypocampus produces a normal amount of hormones
– healthy prefrontal cortex
– release negative emotions that trigger bodyly reactions to traumatic experiences
– prefrontal cortex produces a normal amount of hormones
– healthy hypothalamus
– release traumatic experiences connected to hypothalamus
– hypothalamus produces a normal amount of hormones
– hypothalamus produces less corticotropin releasing factor
– hypothalamus releases only tiny amounts of corticotropin when in stress full situations
– healthy pineal gland
– normal functioning pineal gland
– pineal gland releases all emotions that trigger traumatic experiences
– pineal gland produces a smaller amount of
Adrenocorticotropic hormon
– healthy adrenal glands
– normal funcioning adrenal glands
– release all traumatic and negative emotions connected to adrenal glands
– adrenal glands produce a normal amount of hormones
– adrenal glands only produce tiny amounts of cortisol and adrenaline
– adrenals produce tiny amounts of glucocorticoids and steroids
– sympathetic nervous system is completely relaxed
– remove all emotions connected to trauma from sympathetic nervous system
– sympathetic nervous system works completely normal
– sympathetic nervous system ist completely calm
– body releases all and any emotions connected to trauma on a cellular level
– free body and mind
– limitless mind
– love mind and body

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Source: Youtube