Heal Your PTSD Audiobook by Michele Rosenthal

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For twenty-five years, Michele Rosenthal struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder following a horrific illness that almost killed her. Now an award-winning blogger and post-trauma coach, Rosenthal has developed a program that not only helped her make a full recovery but has been helping survivors around the world move beyond their PTSD as well. In this book, she shares the very best tools that have helped so many come through to the other side of trauma.

There are several elements that make PTSD recovery enormously challenging; this is a book about making it easier. The more safe and in control you feel-over your own internal experience-the more safe and in control you’ll be as you examine how, when, and in what way to move toward recovery.from the Introduction

The book contains dozens of brief think pieces on the many facets of healing as well as exercises to help you orient yourself to a life without PTSD. Rosenthal will guide you in breaking free of the maze of feelings and trauma loops that are keeping you from the life you deserve. It all starts with making simple choices that are life affirming. Read this book and healing and recovery can be yours.

An ideal workbook for trauma survivors to use in their journey to emotional health.Robert Scaer, MD, author of The Trauma Spectrum

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