Healing from Childhood Trauma and the Blessings of PTSD, Part 2

Keeping it real with regards to childhood trauma and PTSD. I’ve been doing a lot of shadow work lately. Many empaths experience trauma either in childhood or adulthood because it’s hard for us to set boundaries.

So much can be learned from these experiences but it doesn’t have to keep us frozen. PTSD enhances psychic abilities, the ability to read energy of people and situations quickly and clearly, and can teach us how important it is to to be very deliberate about who we surround ourselves with. It also can force us to make focusing a great deal on self care a priority. Something that has been helpful for me is I have learned to care for myself the way I wish the adults around me had when I was younger. It has helped set me free. You are not what has happened to you. You are the strength, wisdom and resilience that the experience taught you. It’s never too late to heal. It wasn’t always the case that I could dismiss judgement and controlling behaviors so easily but now that I am here it was well worth the healing journey to get to this point.

I hope you found this message inspirational for your healing journey. It’s hard for me to bear my soul this way as I’m a natural introvert. But my Spirit Guides told me I had to share this story because someone needed it. Please forgive the lightning as it wanes to candlelight in the third video. It gets dark early here on the East coast and I love candles, but I think as I was recording Spirit was also speaking about the transmutation and power between the dark and light. 😊

Source: Youtube