Healing From PTSD & Trauma Subliminal NLP Biokinesis Frequencies)

This Quadri subliminal programming will work on your mental & emotional Health turn all your negative experiences into something good, it will help you make peace with the past & accept yourself, it will make you feel safe again, help you forgive yourself & others, you will become new better you …The audio/video contains #Isochronic #Frequencies, #Solfeggio Pure tones. Boosted Silent #supraliminal #affirmations #mantras are embedded in a peaceful relaxing ocean waves with soft music in the background.

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I suggest listening this extremely effective Booster, as it will locate & remove any hidden blockages that may interfere or slow the progress.
The Booster will in the process accelerate the definitive results.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water! That will accelerate the process and in the same time avoid headache.

This is a advanced Silent subliminal session that require headphones. Using them will help you enhance the listening experience and stimulate each side of the brain to ensure effectiveness.

Volume: The Silent #Biokinesis #Supraliminal Affirmations are recorded on a very high inaudible frequencies that vibrate the tympanic membrane of the ear. Please fine tune the volume at a comfortable, yet completely safe level.

Remember silent subliminal is inaudible affirmations that can’t be heard by the conscious, only the #subconscious receive the affirmations.

The brain requires about 7 minutes to sync with waves frequencies. Session of about 30 minutes or more will allow you to achieve efficiently your objectives.

Often people ask can I listen several different subliminal sessions at once?
Focusing in one goal at the time is really key, you will achieve more effective and quicker results with ease.
Listen the subliminal session as many time as you want, until you are happy with the results.
For some it will take 2 weeks and other 8 weeks…
More you listen the session, faster you will get results.

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