Healing Music, Relaxation Music for Stress Relief – Positive Mind

Music therapy can reduce stress and promote relaxation. It’s been shown to be more effective than prescription drugs in reducing anxiety levels before surgery. A study published in 2017 found that a 30-minute music therapy session combined with traditional care after spinal surgery reduced pain.

Music therapy is used to treat symptoms of a number of conditions, including:

anxiety disorders
post-traumatic stress disorder
autism spectrum disorder and learning difficulties
behavioral and psychiatric disorders
Some of the supposed benefits of music therapy include:

lowers stress
decreases mood swings
lowers blood pressure
lowers cholesterol levels
teaches pain management
lowers risk for coronary artery disease and stroke
improves sleep

Music therapy uses different aspects of sound to improve your emotional and physical well-being. How it works depends on the method being used. Most music therapy sessions are experienced one-on-one with a specially trained practitioner.

Source: Youtube