Healing Power of Pets: Veteran with PTSD finds new life with dog

Blade, a veteran suffering from PTSD found a reason to live after he got DD from Pets for Vets.
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Blade Anthony served as a medic in the Marine Corp. During his tour, it was his job to save the lives of his brothers and sisters-in-arms. When he returned home from Iraq, he found himself feeling alone, out of place, angry at people who did not seem to understand, suffering from PTSD, nightmares and on the verge of committing suicide. Now it was his life that needed saving. Blade sought out Pets for Vets and found DD, who he claimed saved him from being just another statistic.

Special thanks to Pets for Vets

Segment Producer: Hai-Lam Phan.

Associate Producer: Brittni Brown, Sage Sinopoli.

Editor: Jeremy Cohen

Source: Youtube