Healing PTSD, CPTSD.

This information is based on over 20 years of intensive and extensive research and experience in the area of traumatology; specifically concerning the neurobiology of trauma and how it relates to traumatic memory; and how we can learn to master this condition by gradually learning to feel the sensations, or the symptoms of trauma. The key to healing trauma lies in indirectly processing through feeling, observing and ultimately surrendering to whatever symptoms arise. This way we allow trauma to unfold leading us towards healing and transformation.

One small step at a time we gain mastery. We slowly gain confidence and resources as we learn to predict the previously terrifying patterns of a nervous system out of whack (PTSD); learning to put to rest (through surrender to what comes up, without judgement) – what can be a living hell for many.

This is a very brief synopsis of PTSD and it is merely intended to shed some light on the subject of PTSD, and to normalize what has been a mystery in the psychiatric/psychological community for decades if not more.

Always seek competent professional help when available; support is crucial.

Source: Youtube