Healing Sexual Trauma – Tantra and the Milk Maiden ~ Sexywellness Stories

Discovering Tantra Massage as a potential aid in healing survivors of sexual trauma – A true short story told by Jazmin Light – creator of Sexy Wellness Touch for Joy Massage courses for couples.

Listed at the end of the video (and here) are various healthy Body oriented methodologies as possible aids in helping to heal from PTSD and sexual trauma:

~Somatic Experiencing~
The Somatic Experiencing® method is a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders. It’s creator, Peter Levine, studied animals in the wild and observed their “shaking-off” behavior after surviving predatory attacks. You can read about it in his book “Waking the Tiger”.

~Tantric Massage~

With a trustworthy, sensitive partner or therapist, the loving and gentle nature of Tantra Touch Massage can soothe and brighten energy and open pathways to healing on many levels.

MDMA assisted psychotherapy in treatment of PTSD

Currently still in Trial Phase for FDA approval, the success rate in difficult to treat PTSD cases is amazing! MDMA is the Euphoric-inducing chemical found in the party drug Ecstasy. It was originally created and tested successfully for treating trauma patients, before the “Party People” discovered it’s powerful positive properties, which led to its “Ill-Legalization”. Current testing show great promise in returning MDMA to its proper place in medical solutions for trauma survivors and PTSD sufferers.

~Rewind Technique~
(International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy)
The Rewind Technique is touted as a “Fast Track” healing method for treating various forms of trauma survivors.

(Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Research suggests that the Visual Kinesthetic Dissociation and Pattern Interruption Techniques from the field of NLP is an effective approach to healing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Seek a trustworthy, well qualified Practitioner

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and Kundalini Yoga:
Search for a class or teacher in your area.

~Breathing Therapy~
~Trauma Sensitive Bodywork~

(See Links to various methods in Comments below)

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Fun, Healing, Liberating & Empowering Activities:

Dancing, Singing, Acting, Theatre, Playing music

Marathon Sports:

Running, Cycling, Swimming,
Surfing, Team Sports, Etc.

Martial Arts

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