Healing Trauma and PTSD

A guided meditation that helps you let go of past trauma and the ways in which they continue to affect your daily life. Through this mindfulness-based technique, you will uncover constructive ways of getting in touch with the accumulated pain from your past traumas and release it. Use this meditation as often as necessary until you feel like you have uncovered all the layers of accumulated pain and memories related to past traumatic experiences and feel ready to release them through conscious wisdom and choice.

Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is extremely painful and limiting. The level of pain and energy required to deal with this pain that we are constantly replaying in our minds limits our ability to be present and to enjoy our life fully. Through this guided meditation, you will find new ways of dealing with the pain and clearing the energy of the past trauma that continues to affect your life and undermine your potential for happiness, joy, love and inner peace.

This guided meditation uses the mindfulness approach, which means that it is simple and approachable for anyone. It doesn’t require any prior experience. The mindfulness approach allows us to become aware of our environment, feelings, thoughts, emotions as well as our physical sensations without creating inner conflict or resistance. Through this approach you can uncover how your mind works and become aware of negative patterns of thinking that are currently having detrimental effects on your life, thus limiting your potential for more joy, love and happiness.

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