Healing Trauma with Science and Self-Care with Dr. James Gordon

Trauma affects EVERYONE. From war-torn nations to quiet suburbs, the effects of traumatic events are the same, and they’re heartbreaking. The silver lining? Healing from trauma is not only possible, you can become a kinder, more connected, and resilient person because of it. Dr. James Gordon will show you how.

In this MarieTV, Dr. Gordon explains how everything from injury, illness, divorce, or losing a loved one, to the extended stress and uncertainty of living through a global pandemic, can trigger a trauma-response. You’ll learn how trauma affects your brain and body, five symptoms you might be experiencing right now, plus four simple practices to reverse the stress response and heal your trauma — for good.

Dr. Gordon is a Harvard-educated psychiatrist, former researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health and chair of the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy. He’s spent the past five decades working to help us all learn how to heal trauma and turn it into post-traumatic growth. He’s written for countless publications like “The New York Times,” “The Washington Post,” and “The Atlantic,” and has authored ten books, including Marie’s personal favorite, “Transforming Trauma.”

“Trauma will come to everyone sooner or later,” says Dr. Gordon. Watch this episode now to equip yourself with proven tools for healing — so you’re ready when it does.

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