Heather Hammett on PTSD and believing victims of trauma | Friends With Andy

Heather Hammett (trekkingpeaksandvalleys.com) discusses PTSD and the healing power of believing victims of trauma. | http://friendswithandy.org

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About Friends With Andy
Friends With Andy (friendswithandy.org) is a storytelling platform creating awareness, boundaries, and care. Each week we explore topics of PTSD and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. We look at the meaning of PTSD, what is PTSD, the signs and symptoms of PTSD and trauma, and the causes and risks of PTSD. If you think you have PTSD, CPTSD, anxiety, depression, or need a friend, Friends With Andy is your source to learn more about our individual experiences and the healthy ways to create space with awareness, boundaries, and care.

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Heather Hammett on PTSD and believing victims of trauma | Friends With Andy

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