Helen Hamilton In the Company of Truth

Visit: https://awakening-together.org for more inspirational programs. This bi-monthly program is Awakening Together’s In the Company of Truth with Helen Hamilton that airs on the second and fourth Wednesday monthly from 3-4 pm ET.  Helen’s core message is that the Realization of the True Self is possible for everyone, no matter what background you may have as long as you want it more than anything else. After all, we are only returning to our natural state, to what we already are. We are only coming to live as that Truth consciously.

Having reached a place of total peace, love, and joy, Helen has dedicated her life to helping others wake up too. The Truth is here and now and accessible to all. Helen will offer her teachings in this bi-weekly Satsang to help you Realize and BE the Self you already are.

For more information about Helen and to access her teachings, visit her website: www.HelenHamilton.org.

Source: Youtube