Hemp Field Of Dreams 2021

Hemp field of dreams arises from the beneficial effects from use of treatments involving hemp. The most common non-psychoactive constituents are 1) cannabidiol and 2) cannabinol. They reduce pain, reduce stress, and allow sounder sleep. They also act as anti-inflammatories, reduce psychosis and lower the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Dr. Bob Sievers and his collaborators have been excited by the improvement in planting strategies. Planting used to take weeks, but has become faster and less expensive.
Grown in a greenhouse, planting 500 clones per row took only a single day.

The use of wider weed barriers allows the control of weeds between the rows of hemp. This is possible because you can just use a mechanized rototiller instead of manually hoeing. We’ll continue to study and document the advancements being made.

Aerial drone video by Sonya Doctorian

Source: Youtube