Henry Stickmin Undertale Route Triggers Kanata's PTSD (Hololive) [English Subbed]

Amane Kanata takes on the Undertale route, just to have chat remind her how long it took to beat Sans

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BGM is probably by
The creators of the game, Henry Stickmin

Who? Hi, I am a Japanese to English translator who does clips of Vtubers, mostly from Hololive, but I’ll also do VOMS from time to time. The people in these Vtuber clips do have their own channels where they do live streaming, usually games. My favorite Vtubers are Korone, Rushia & Coco, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the rest.
Why? The Vtuber idea started a few years ago in Japan with Kizuna AI. Now people from all over the world including both Japan and English speaking countries have Vtubers. I was learning Japanese since before this happened, and now I translate.
How? Learn Japanese, Learn a small amount of video editing, learn subtitling, and most of all, learn to code. (Actually most of my video editing is done automatically by code)
What? I translate interesting or funny clips I find while watching Vtubers live. I’m always open to requests and I read most of your comments, so fire away with your suggestions!
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When? Anytime.
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