Hephner’s Salvation ( A short film about a veteran with PTSD)

A former military sniper is conflicted by the events of his past, and struggling with PTSD, and coping with alcohol Fr. Jeff Hephner only has one question. Is there salvation for a man like him?

The film Hephner’s Salvation was the product of a young adult with a passion for the military, and veterans. There might have been a little something about college credit involved…but it’s more about the veterans and active-duty soldiers. My name is Crys, but folks often use Hutch, Archer, and Crys interchangeably, and yes Fr. Jeff Hephner is namesake of That Jeff Hephner from Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Mars etc.

This film would not have been possible without my amazing crew, talented cast, and the amazing staff at St. Gertrude’s Catholic Church, and The Archdiocese of Toronto, Sir Monty’s Brewing Company, and Kingsway College for trusting me with their locations.

Arn Andersson for the amazing music that accompanies the church scene.

Durham College for providing equipment, and a handful of amazing professors( Y’all know how you are) who stood in my corner during some of my darkest hours.

This film aims to shine a tasteful light on a veteran struggling PTSD, and some of it’s effects. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder effects so many, both in, and out of the military. It’s not something to run away from, or being shamed by but an opportunity for those not suffering to reach out, so those who do can grab onto a helping hand when they to reach out for help.

The inspiration for this film came from so many areas. Being from a family with military ties, and spending countless hours with my dad watching military movies were just a few things. I think the biggest inspiration came from a childhood spend watching Gary Sinise as an actor, and eventually growing to see the full scope of his mission to serve and help veterans, active-duty soldiers, first responders and their family.

Tech Specs

This film was editing using Adobe Premiere Pro CC & After Effects CC. I work off of an iMac computer. It was shot on a Canon C100.

Source: Youtube