Here for Savasana Podcast with Special Guest Dalien aka 13 Hands

Here for Savasana Podcast with Jennifer Vacakos and Bridget Riepl and Special Guest Dalien aka 13 Hands.

13 HANDS, aka DALIEN, is a two-time Grammy nominee (ballot rounds), Professor of Yoga, ERYT 500 instructor and sound therapist who has been immersed in many styles of yoga, holistic health education, shamanism and contemporary/ world music for over 20 years.

As an artist and presenter he’s shared his gifts at numerous conferences, festivals, events and retreat centers like Kripalu, Omega, Global Mala celebrations, Yoga @ the Great Lawn event in Central Park, NYC and Wanderlust.

He’s had the honor to teach, speak and/or perform alongside other world-renowned artists, teachers, spiritual leaders & authors like The Dali Lama, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Gary Null, Priscilla Warren, Seane Corn, Amy Ippoliti, Dharma Mitra, Elena Brower, RUN DMC, Ani DiFranco, Marjorie Fair, Ours, Paula Cole, Laurie Anderson, the late Pheobe Snow, Krishna Das, WAH!, Shyamdas, Dave Stringer, John D Kadt and Gaura Vani and many more.

With 6 albums and playing over 20 instruments, he weaves a tapestry of world, healing and contemporary music that evokes various Indian, African and Native Indian in the healing, meditative and world chant/kirtan music and brings an introspective, singer/songwriter vibe ala David Gray and Damien Rice in a blender with Radiohead and Pink Floyd in the contemporary style. Additionally, he provides innovative sound healing, yoga and empowerment programming to aid in the recovery of post traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

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