HHB3: Huxley Remix Predictions

Aldous Huxley referencing ‘A Brave New World’ and Orwell’s ‘1984’. Making future predictions or speculations on that all came true including the prediction of his fiction drug “Soma” that’s I’m almost 100 is Ketamine, Esketamine, or Sprovato Nasal Spray. Formerly a dissociative anesthetic thought to be a cat tranquiler but was originally created and formulated for humans. Don’t believe every thing that you breathe you maggot on a sleeve. But is recently co-categorized and recognized for its ground breaking and revolutionary efficacy for the *rapid* treatment of treatment-resistant-depression and post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. And may also be the world first and only PTSD immunization drug for first line responders and military and specialty forces with genetic dispositions, family history, or flags for PTSD in trauma situations and emergencies.

Source: Youtube