Holly Ford, President of International Business Brokerage. PTSD Therapy: The Role Cannabinoids Play

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PTSD Therapy: The Role Cannabinoids Play

Holly Ford, Founder in President of International Business Brokerage. Holly A Ford is the Founder and President of International Business Brokerage, Zarian Firm; Award-winning franchise developer; contributor to 13 publications on business acquisitions and franchising; and the Co-anchor of West420 News.

Ford is a best-selling author; Create Your Own Wealth – A Collection of Two-Minute Topics on Franchising. Her new book on cannabis; Exploit the Magic of Cannabis, will be released on October 31st, 2019.

As a Trainer and Keynote Speaker. Ford employs the rich resources and stunning business success of Tony Robbins, and Bert and John Jacobs (Life is Good), to infuse individuals and business owners with the transformational power that creates real success.

Ford is mission-driven to “Empower Humanity with Creative Force”. She is the co-founder of Freedom Flower, a powerful organization that focuses on ‘Just Laws’ and true freedom for all of humanity. In the business sector, she has ignited an initiative to leverage businesses world-wide as a social entrepreneurial catalyst for global change through her program ‘Impact Franchising.
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Dealing and coping with past trauma, sometimes years after the fact, is an
emotional burden difficult to appreciate or imagine. It is estimated that
approximately 8% of people in the United States will develop Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder, or PTSD, in their lifetime. Originally diagnosed in World
War I and termed ‘Shell-shock’, we now know that PTSD is a physical
phenomenon of rewired neural circuitry following an acute or chronic
condition of trauma and stress. Cannabinoids give neurons the ability to
change that circuitry, in a process called Memory Reconsolidation. Here we
discuss the significance of and the role cannabis may play in providing
meaningful therapy to those living with PTSD.

Table of contents
00:00:09 Intro
00:08:45 PTSD – speakers stories
00:14:25 Trauma and rewire
00:15:30 Causes and how it worked
00:18:30 Veterans for cannabis
00:22:24 Fire service and CBD
00:24:38 Dosing
00:29:52 Healing
00:32:02 Education is a key
00:36:03 The biggest things to do

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