Horrors of War For Soldiers (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Reality: hundreds of soldiers are suffering PTSD when returning from their tours. many hide their horrors, but thousands suffer greatly from it. while most get help when returning from war, thousands still are not being helped with it.!!!
FACT: our goverment, just sweeps it under the carpet when our soldiers return as if it isnt anything to worry about as they have done their job. but the hard cold reality of it is, when these men and women return from war, the war isnt over for them, its far from the end and they live with the nightmares everyday.
it is about time, that our goverment sits up and takes notice that many of our soldiers just cant handle coming home, getting back into ‘normal’ routine and end up being violent, aggresstive, abusive and in many cases committ suicide because they havent received the help they need to help deal with the trauma they have seen and been put through!! This isn’t just a job to our soldiers, its their lives and they need as much help and backing, so they can carry on! POLITICS!!! thats all it is at the end of the day to our UK goverment… but these soldiers are people too and having there troubles swept under the carpet for doing their ‘job’ is not right or acceptable!

Source: Youtube