How Childhood Trauma Causes CPTSD, Anxiety, Depression & Addictions

CPTSD is exactly like the kind of PTSD we are all familiar with except that instead of having to survive in a war zone or having a series of horrific experiences, it is an all too common response to childhood emotional neglect, abandonment or physical, emotional, sexual abuse. Most people who have it don’t even know that they do and it is a relatively new understanding of just what happens in the adult lives of children who come from highly dysfunctional family backgrounds. The parents of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sufferers may have had a mental illness, addiction, alcoholism, chronic illness or narcissism. The family environment could have been a violent one where the child commonly witnessed domestic violence. They could have been just very self-absorbed and lacking emotional engagement and good enough parenting skills. What research is discovering is that emotional neglect and just not being seen or validated is more painful form of Childhood Trauma and causes more lasting damage to a child than being hit.

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