How complex PTSD triggers flares in chronic illness (example with RA)

This excerpt from One Broken Mom hosted by Ameé Quiriconi comes from a conversation with Veronique Mead MD, MA and explains how attachment trauma (complex PTSD, relationship trauma) is a trigger for flare-ups of Ameé’s rheumatoid arthritis and wrist pain.

In the full video and podcast Ameé and I talk about trauma, Dr. Robert Naviaux’ cell danger response (CDR), Dr. Stephen Porges’ polyvagal theory and autonomic nervous system pathways of fight, flight and freeze that affect risk for chronic disease and symptoms.

I highlight this excerpt with more detail in my blog post 16 ways understanding trauma and the CDR helps make sense of triggers and flares. I share other excerpts from Ameé on how working with unresolved trauma can help decrease, reduce or even prevent flares in chronic disease (including other autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes, MS, lupus; chronic fatigue syndrome aka ME/CFS and more).

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Learn more in the blog post on Trauma, Triggers and Flares in Chronic Illness

16 Clues About Trauma,Triggers & Flares in Chronic Illness

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Veronique Mead, MD, MA. I blog about the research explaining how adverse life events affect risk for chronic illness and how it’s not psychological. I have also been testing the theories and approaches with my own chronic illness.

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