How Do We Heal Our Emotional Pain? PTSD Fight Flight Freeze

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Supporting people during this time of self-isolation and evolution. Here to be of service.

Pete Walkers Book Complex PTSD

I assist and help women looking at fears and anxiety and I teach how to deal with the fight-flight response and complex PTSD and Codependency that have generally been held since childhood. The purpose is educating people so we get to save time. I have spent years of personal study including Carl Jung’s work amongst many also Pete Walkers Complex PTSD from Surviving to Thriving and I am an Evolutionary Astrologer. I am also qualified in Faster EFT which is a useful tool for anxiety and fears at this time. I teach what I know and do it with a resolution of the current problem in mind. Ultimately I share and discuss ideas that assist people in becoming whole. I can also help with knowledge/information to help you evolve your current issues.

With Evolutionary Astrology I work with people’s natal charts. Simply I will need a time and date and place of birth. Each of us is on a soul journey and here to decondition that which no longer serves us. .Chart work can bring deep clarity to current life situations. We are here to transcend and transmute that which no longer works.

The intention of the work is to gain self-knowledge leading to a transformation.

Any questions you have regarding booking can be directed to me. Send me an email or message me via messenger.

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