How Does Trauma Change The Brain? (Simple Guide)

How does trauma change the brain? |

The brain is a soft, jello-like substance that’s contained within the skull and it can easily be damaged. It is made up of nerve fibers, which have axons, which are the long thread like portion that acts like a telephone wire and communicates signals and messages. It is covered by an insulation that’s known as the myelin sheath. The space between nerve cells is the synapse. When there is an injury to the brain, this whole system is disrupted and the brain is not able to communicate the messages effectively.

A good way to demonstrate what happens to the brain is using Silly Putty. A strong force causes it to stretch and break, and this is what happens to the nerve cells within the brain causing damage. These injuries have many effects. They have physical, cognitive, behavioral and emotional effects. It is essential for a brain injury attorney to understand the brain itself and the mechanism of injury and how the negligence of the defendants cause this injury and what the repercussions are to the person and their ability to function in life.

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