How grief, trauma & anxiousness impacts people amid COVID crisis | The Urban Debate

On The Urban Debate with Tanvi Shukla, today we discuss the COVID crisis and how it has left families grieving. India is currently in grief, the nation is traumatised and anxious. Mental health matters now more than ever. People have lost their family members, their loved ones, the only earning member in their family, some have lost their parent, their partner, their children or their grandparent. It has been traumatic for many to go through   the crisis alone as people were not able to bid farewell to their loved ones.  As the pain continues, the COVID numbers keep surging every single day. Families continue to plead for help and COVID news reports continue to flash in front of the TV screens. Tanvi Shukla explains how the mental health of a person matters more than ever now. Watch the video to know more!

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Source: Youtube