how i died in a past life trend

My first theory is that my friend (who was a girl) was getting kidnapped but then I sacrificed myself and shoved her away and got kidnapped myself, only to get tortured and die.

My second theory is that I was a girl and I was being tortured and my friend tried to save me but it was too late and I was already dead.

There is actually a third theory from @Xapha HellFire. She thought that maybe I was tortured for a long time and then I was rescued but I suffered from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and I had memories from the torture, and she assumed that people didn’t know what PTSD was at the time, so they couldn’t help me and I doed from one of my PTSD panic attacks. Thanks @Xapha HellFire for telling me this third theory.

Source: Youtube