How is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Diagnosed

How PTSD Diagnosed
Psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or other mental health clinician will make the diagnosis after a comprehensive assessment a series of interviews with you and your child. During the interviews, the clinician will ask about:

the traumatic experience your child suffered or witnessed
your child’s symptoms
your child’s school, social, and medical histories
your family’s medical and mental health history

Together with the mental health clinician, you will arrive at a formulation or explanation of your child’s PTSD symptoms, which will lead directly to a mutually agreed-upon treatment plan.

If my child is diagnosed with PTSD, what happens next?
Your child’s mental health clinician will explain the diagnosis and answer any questions you or your child may have. The next step is developing a mutually agreed-upon treatment plan that works for you, your child, and your family. The plan may include one or more of the following therapies:

psychotherapy for the child
psychotherapy for the family
in some cases, a combination of therapy and medication

It’s essential to seek PTSD Treatment for Child as soon as PTSD symptoms emerge. The disorder responds very well to therapies delivered by qualified mental health clinicians, but if left untreated, can cause longstanding emotional distress, relationship problems and academic failures for your child.

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