How Neurofeedback Can Help Your Family

Whether a young child, a teenager, or an adult, life is more challenging when struggling with attention problems, impulsivity & anxiety. How can you help your child or yourself without medications or harmful side effects?

Neurofeedback is a remarkably promising technology that has proven to be of benefit to a range of common psychological disorders, from ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, brain fog, headaches, and more. Research over the past ten years shows consistent improvements in the results from Neurofeedback training, as technology, research and innovation have expanded.

What is Neurofeedback? Simply stated, Neurofeedback amplifies the brain waves we produce and uses that information to provide a feedback signal. Our brains are then remarkably capable of integrating that signal to gradually shift brain wave patterns from unhealthy to a more healthy, normalized pattern. When brain waves become more normalized, our struggles with most psychological disorders lessen and we both feel better and function better.

The process of changing brain waves with Neurofeedback takes a bit of time. But as you or your child starts to experience positive changes in the initial weeks of Neurofeedback training, there is strong motivation to hold the course.

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Home Training for Neurofeedback? Please keep in mind, we can now provide an option for remote training of your brain at home. Thus, regardless of where you live, Neurofeedback is available to you and your family. While this option is exciting, it will be important to educate yourself on the difference between the options available to the public. Not all Neurofeedback is the same, and not all equipment has the ability to train the entire brain. Again, reach out to speak to Dr. Cale if you have questions.

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