How Post-Covid 19 Syndrome Weakens Your Core

Post-Covid Syndrome weakens your deep core and affects your quality of life. We will talk about symptoms that last long after the acute symptoms are gone; 4 weeks or longer.

Post-COVID symptoms affecting Quality of Life include:
Respiratory diaphragm dysfunction leading to implications for both overactive or underactive pelvic floor muscles.1
• Fatigue
• Joint pain
• Difficulty breathing
• Chest pain
• Brain fog
• Sleeping issues
• loss taste and smell
• difficulty to concentrate and impaired memory.

When people suffer from Post-COVID syndrome, they are at risk to develop weakness in their core muscles. Since the disease tends to attack the respiratory system, the muscle that is responsible for breathing, the diaphragm, can become weak and dysfunctional
The diaphragm is one of the four key muscles that make up your internal, “intrinsic” core. It helps deal with the pressure in your core.
If it gets weak it can get lazy. If this doesn’t get corrected, overtime, chronic issues or “habits” occur making it harder to treat and change or improve.

Unlearn these habits NOW before they become pelvic floor issues.

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Source: Youtube