How PTSD after narcissitic abuse is mainatined | Break The Cycle

In this video I look at how PTSD still keeps you locked into the abuse you suffered. PTSD has delimitating affects and keeps you in victim mode suffering more triggers than ever before. In the video I give you pointers and suggestions on how you can get past these triggers and trauma memories. If any of you have any other tips that have worked for you, the community would really benefit you sharing those tips.

Here is the link to the study that I mention in the video:

The video is an accompaniment to my brand new digital course on how to recover from PTSD after narcissistic abuse called ++++ BREAK THE CYCLE ++++.
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My first Ebook looking at the concept of closure and why it is so painful when you don’t receive it (especially in the ending of a narcissistic relationship) . This book offers the explanations to these questions whilst providing practical solutions on how to get you moving forward.

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