How the Body Carries Trauma – Nicole Lapera, Ph.D.

Here is Nicole Lapera, Ph.D. (@The Holistic Psychologist) on S02E22 of the @MEDspiration® podcast explaining how adverse experiences & trauma in childhood live with us & how this connects to the poly-vagal theory, the body & the nervous system.

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First off, congratulations to Nicole & her team for the launch her new book, ‘How to do the Work’, & for it becoming a NYT best-seller!! You deserve it, sis ❤️. In this snippet, she delves into how our nervous system develops it’s ‘programmed responses’ from early childhood experiences & how our familiarity/ predictably with these experiences can shape our relationships in the future. She talks to me about being ‘addicted to chaos’ (something I am very familiar with 😂) & how the nervous system’s attempt to regulate itself can lead to disassociation & dysregulation.

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