How to Beat Health Anxiety

What is health anxiety? What causes health anxiety? How can you cope with health anxiety and ultimately beat it? These are all the things I’m talking about today!

I developed health anxiety after my first surgery to treat endometriosis. A cancer scare caused my brain to go into chronic fight or flight mode- constantly searching for proof that I was dying and in danger.

This anxiety built up to a really bad level where I had panic attacks, rapid heart rate, shallow breathing, shortness of breath and other physical symptoms that I couldn’t control.

After ending up in the ER twice, and doctors telling me I was fine, I went to work researching what was happening to me and how I could fight it. You are your own best advocate and no one will care about your own body, physical health, and mental health more than you. These are some things I learned along the way and I hope they help you!

Thank you for your constant love and support!

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